Wet Reflections

“Get a glass dildo and play.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Come for me!”

“Yes, Sir.”

Sometimes I am such a good girl…


20150621wm glass dildo pussy
I was wet after several (squirting) orgasms and I still wanted more…
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ยฉ Rebel’s Notes

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15 thoughts on “Wet Reflections

  1. Oh dear god, what a fucking gorgeous photo Marie! I love the intimacy and sexiness.

    I must admit, though, that I have very little desire to play with insertables when Sir isn’t here, they just do nothing for me. Now, if he’s directing the action, if his words are spurring me on, if he wishes me play for his entertainment, then that’s a whole other ball game!


  2. Oh I love glass, as you’ve shown, it is so beautiful. It and any other dildo won’t allow me to cum but I love how they feel.

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