Sucking Balls

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bdsm-emblemHe made me suck His balls!

Okay, wait, let me start at the beginning.

Master T is unshaven and I am perfectly okay with this. He keeps himself immaculately clean which is all that matters to me. In the beginning of our relationship He sometimes asked me to suck His balls. I did this, but frequently got hair in my mouth. I never made a big deal of it, but gradually I stopped sucking His balls and He never asked me. We once spoke about him trimming his pubic hair, but have never really gotten to the point to do it and we actually never spoke about it again.

Fast forward from about eight years to a couple of weeks ago. The night before Master T brought me to several orgasms and fingered my ass. I was a mess when we finally went to sleep. He didn’t want me to suck Him, He didn’t want to fuck me. He told me to go to sleep.

The next evening the new strict leather collar was waiting on the bed when I entered the bedroom. He wanted me naked before He put the collar around my neck. With my back to Him, He cupped my breasts and rolled my nipples between his fingers. He didn’t hurt me, but His touch was not soft either. We lay down on the bed and He put my hand on His crotch. I did what I always do. I fondled His balls, touched Him and squeezed gently until I feel Him harden more.

“You are going to suck my balls,” He said.
I hesitated.
I moved. The collar made it difficult for me to reach Him properly and He noticed that.
“You can get down on your knees on the floor if you cannot reach me properly,” He said.
I continued trying my best to lick Him, but finally gave up, walked around the bed and got on my knees on the other side. His legs were on either side of me as I started licking His balls again. I was careful not to get any hair in my mouth, knowing it will make me gag. I licked and was careful not to suck, but I pursed my lips and caught His flesh between my lips. His breathing told me He liked this. Even though I still didn’t like the feeling of the hair against my tongue, the entire experience was not as bad as I thought it would be when He told me to get on my knees and lick His balls.

I moved my mouth towards His shaft, away from His balls.
“Who told you to stop?” He immediately asked.
I began licking His balls again and kept on going for several minutes more until he took me by my shoulders and motioned for me to take His cock in my mouth. The collar prevented my movements, so He took the collar off and put my sleep collar around my neck. I sucked and licked Him and used my Hand until His cum spurted deep into my mouth and some even hit the back of my throat, making me gag.

It was only when I lay down next to Him that I realized we have crossed a boundary that I had set up for myself some years ago. I guess there will be more hairy ball sucking in my future, when Master T makes me do it, like he did on this night.

© Rebel’s Notes

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