Eighth update: 101 things in 1001 days

The last update of my 101 list dates back to July 2014. I wanted to do a progress report every two months, but obviously I was busy with other things in the last 6 months of 2014. Only 9 months remain before I get to the end of this list (*) and I already know that there are quite some goals I will not be able to complete on time.

As I did several times in the past, I will run through the different goals numerically.


  • I have sent a book proposal to a publisher and am awaiting their verdict.
  • One of the two stories that I wanted to co-write with someone else has been completed.
  • Even though I put this goal on ‘failed’ a year go, I have now put my goal to participate in NaNoWriMo on done, as I did it. I wrote a story!
  • I finally twisted a fairytale into something sexy.
  • I have completed goal 13, reading and reviewing at least 15 erotic books.
  • I have completed the goal to write a story to 20 different writing prompts (goal 20).
  • I will soon start reading ‘Lord of the Flies’ for my study, but it will also serve to complete goal 24 where I have to read 3 books from banned lists.


  • I have completed goal 25, to get 20 more scavenger hunts. I even got more than I had set myself as a goal. Scavenger hunting is addictive!
  • I managed to do two more photo manipulations (other than just turning it into a grayscale picture) and one of those were even mentioned in Molly’s top 5 pick of that week. However, it’s time I get back to more.
  • I have completed the 26 by 26 challenge in August 2014.
  • 2015 will be the year in which I corrupt more food and drink for goal number 30.
  • I have completed the Project 365 – not once, but twice – during 2014. I did one under my pseudonym, but also under my real name.


  • We started on goal 35, but couldn’t complete it. Posts about this will follow.
  • Goal 38 is done – my ass has been marked at least ten times and will be marked many times more.
  • We need to have one more play date for me to complete goal 40 and similarly I need to have sex with a woman one more time to complete goal 43. But who am I kidding, I want to have sex with a woman many times more!
  • I think 2015 will be the year of wax play, to complete goal 44 to have wax time at least 5 times. Four to go!
  • We have completed goal 48 – the whipping of my breast and pussy for 10 minuntes on 10 consecutive days. Posts about this will follow.


  • I better get on with goals 52 and 53, as I only have 9 months left and one of these goals require 6 months!
  • Buying sexy over the knee boots – goal 55 – is in the planning for the first three months of 2015!


I finally had another big tattoo done but I’m afraid the other goals in this section are going to fail. One of the main reasons is that I am too busy with my writing, and to top it all and make my life even busier, is that I am doing am English study in 2015 which will keep me quite busy.


  • Goal 70 – to organize at least 1 more meetings for Erotic Meet Netherlands have been completed. In the meantime this is not Erotic Meet Netherlands anymore, as I have taken this over and have registered this as my company, called EWA Nederland. Lots of meetings will follow and hopefully I will do more projects than only the two-monthly meetings.
  • I think another goal that I might fail is going to the sauna 10 times (goal 72). When I composed this list I thought this goal was easy, but things have turned out differently.
  • It’s definitely time to spread around more of my business cards (goal 74).
  • I have tried to find a burlesque show in The Netherlands (goal 77), but up to now have not had any success finding one.


  • I am very close to getting a full pussy waxing (goal 82) and of course I will blog about the experience. And post photos!
  • Finally I have cleared out all my shoes. I did it on a day that the thermometer showed a temperature of 32 degrees. I guess I could have chosen a better day to do it, as I needed a shower when I was done.


  • We have been looking for an overnight stay in a castle (goal 93) and I guess this is something that will definitely happen in 2015. We should just make it happen before October!
  • Paris… yes, Paris. We should make that (goal 94) happen too!


  • I didn’t think I would reach a million hits on my blog before October 2015 (goal 97) but it seems now that I might reach it after all. Seeing this humbles me, as I never thought I would be able to keep up something like this and that other people would like to visit and re-visit it.
  • I still desperately want to reach 50 followers on Wicked Wednesday for at least one week, but I cannot do it without all of you out there. I would really appreciate your help with this!
  • Goal 100 – to reach at least 3456 followers on Twitter – was just a silly goal I added to get the list full. I have already reached such a huge number of followers and even start to believe that it’s possible to reach this goal too!

Working through the list I see I still have a lot to do. Some goals are easy to achieve, as long as I make time for them. Let’s see how much of those I can achieve in the next 9 months. I would love for you to cheer me on in the next months, as well as my list buddy, Molly!

(*) I am considering doing a second list, starting on 12 October 2015 and ending on 9 July 2018. But, the jury is still out on that one…

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