Piercing drama

Clitoral hood piercing with blue heart
What my clitoral hood piercing used to look like…

You remember I told you that I fell and badly hurt my foot while I was out scavenger hunting? Bad enough for me to be hopping along on crutches for weeks? That I couldn’t shower properly? Couldn’t walk stairs? Couldn’t even shave myself daily as I used to? In the beginning of the second week as I was drying myself off after I have washed myself at the basin, ‘disaster’ struck. My thumb nail – rather long at that time – somehow hooked on the ball of my clitoris hood piercing. I remember thinking ‘oh, I should be careful’ and then I saw the tiny blue heart that used to dangle from the closure ball of the piercing. It was on the floor. Ice ran through my veins at that moment. Pure ice. Nooooooo, I screamed in my head.

The ring was still in place. I had no idea how much it normally moved around, but as from that moment, every time I had to go pee or in bed at night, I constantly checked whether the opening was still in the middle, making sure it did not move around. I was afraid to lose the ring, but since I couldn’t walk properly and I couldn’t get up and down stairs properly, there was no way I could go to either of our piercing shops. Both have stairs. So we decided to just wait until I can walk and in the meantime I would constantly check the piercing.

It went well for two weeks…

All the time I washed at the basin in the bathroom, since I could not put any weight on my right foot. But once that was possible, I put protection over the tape on my foot and showered. I was so looking forward to the first shower in a month. So much so, that I totally forgot to check the piercing. I showered. And showered. And showered some more. I dried myself afterwards, went back to the bedroom, got dressed, did my hair and my make-up and went downstairs, sliding down the stairs on my bum. It must have been an hour after the shower that I had to pee. As was the habit for the last two weeks, I reached down to check the piercing.

It was gone! I literally stared at my clitoris. Pulled my pussy lips up and open as if to bring it closer and stared some more. It was as if I saw my clit for the first time…
(I know this sounds hilarious and now I can laugh about it, but at the time it was pure horror!)
But, technically it was true. It was the first time in 10 years that I saw my clit without a piercing.

But, I was not happy. Not happy at all. There was nothing I could do about it, but to accept it. It was as if my clitoris throbbed constantly for the rest of the day, accusing me of losing the piercing.

That evening in bed, Master T said that He was not happy with the fact that I now only had four piercings. He always wanted me to have five piercings, and now there was only four left. So, He decided, we will go to the piercing shop to have my clit re-pierced. But that’s not all Master T wanted. He wanted my clit to be doubly pierced. Two piercings. Total of six piercings. I was still thinking about the pain I would be feeling again when He said: then you will have one in reserve, if you lose one again.

He was joking of course. About having one piercing in reserve. Not about the double piercing in my clitoral hood.

Edit: I have an appointment on 1 November 2014 to have the piercing redone.

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