Plug that booty!

I have written about butt plugs on this blog on many occasions and have also posted quite a lot of photos of these items. To say I like being plugged, would be an understatement. This immediately makes me wonder why I then constantly forget to wear my plug once a week, as is one of my standing orders. I know the day will come that I will be punished for this, if I don’t start remembering that soon. But that’s besides the point for now.

I was a late bloomer when it comes to anal sex. I was almost 30 when my anal virginity was taken and I was addicted to the feeling immediately. But it still took me a couple of years to discover butt plugs. The first one I bought was a thin silicon purple butt plug. Oh, how I loved the feeling of feeling it invading that dark space inside me, but how I hated the feeling of it constantly slipping out. However, I kept on using it up to a point where it got black spots inside the purple silicon. By then I was with Master T and we decided to buy a new one. It was slightly bigger than the purple one and light pink. I think it took about two months before it had strange coloring on it, but what I hated the most about it? Yep, the fact that it constantly slipped out. It was not only the feeling that it slipped out, but I really felt it pop out.

We decided to buy another plug. Our next purchase was a medium sized steel butt plug with a thick, round base. The kind of base you see on the jewel plugs, but a bit thicker and without the jewel. Just after we bought this one, we also bought a large jewel plug, for those extreme moments. But, back then it was just a bit too extreme. I loved the feeling of the steel inside me. Loved to feel it slip in and fill me. Never once had I felt as if it would slip out of me. Once it was in, it stayed in. This I could not say about the large jewel plug, because that one was just too heavy and I had the feeling I could not keep it in.

There was just one problem with both these plugs. I could wear them for some time, but then they started to hurt me. The base of the plug pushed into the flesh of my buttocks and after some time this hurts so much that I could hardly move. I used to sit very still but when I had to get up, it just hurt so much that I could not help to moan. I started to resent wearing the plugs.

That’s when I decided to ask for advice.
Someone on Twitter told me to try the Njoy plugs. It’s expensive, but we ordered the medium one and… as the saying goes… we never looked back. This was definitely the best purchase ever. I could wear the plugs for hours, sit, stand, walk – no matter what I did, it never hurt as much as the other steel plug did. We eventually also ordered the large Njoy plug, which I haven’t worn that much yet. After purchasing the Njoy plug, Master T saw to it that I had an ass training, where he wanted my ass to adjust to the feeling of being filled every day. It was followed by a plug training, once again for me to get used to being plugged.

That is already quite some time ago and I think I might just need a reminder training. You know, so I can remember to wear my plug at least once a week. Hint? Yep, I think so. I love wearing my plug, but I just forget about it. By the time I think about it, we’re already out of the house. I just have to get back to wearing it. Have to remember how much I love anal sex, being anally stimulated and how naughty and sexy I feel when I wear a butt plug in public and Master T and I are the only ones who know about it.


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Oh, and this just made me think about sleeping with plugs. When I have been a bad girl, Master T lets me sleep with the large Njoy plug. That robs me from my sleep, since it’s heavy and it weighs down uncomfortably because I sleep on my side. But, I sometimes long for the feeling to sleep with my medium Njoy plug. To wake up at night and feel it. To know I am wearing it because He wants me to. Because He controls what happens to my body. It’s not only about the plug – it’s about the bigger picture.

Yes, I have to get back to wearing my plugs.

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