53 thoughts on “Fucked

  1. This photo gives me a tingle. As if I am looking at something that I shouldn’t be, yet I wanna stay and watch everything. Don’t want to miss anything. This photo is such a turn on!

  2. So so so hot! I love this idea but it’s not something hubby is into and that’s fine, thank goodness there’s bloggers like you sharing their fun! Xx

  3. Love this image! But the other bit that I love? The photo credit. Totally (totally) appeals to the voyeuristic side of me! Jane xxx

  4. As everyone before me has pointed out there are so many hot things about this picture from the contrast of your nails, the stockings, the position and of course the voyeuristic sense.

  5. Oh my! what a wonderfully powerful image this is. I adore this one, Marie, it is an outstanding shot of an intimate moment in time

    Flip x

  6. I have no idea why but it is the red nails against the black stockings that constantly caught my eye as I looked at this image


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