The Message

Challenge #23 for the 26 by 26 challenge was:

Tell me what your image is telling you.
– Jaap Scheeren


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When I browsed through the photos we recently took, I found several that could have fit this challenge, but this one was the one thatΒ spoke to me the most. It tells me that I had a wonderful time with Master T and that I proudly wear the marks He put on my body. And, that I love the pain He inflicts on me. And the marks…

What does the image tell you?

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36 thoughts on “The Message

    • Marie Rebelle says:

      Sometimes my body doesn’t show the marks for long. I love it when marks stay for days.

  1. I have left such marks on many occasions … and have seen the afterglow of appreciation in a woman’s eye after such a display as you make in this image. MarQe x

    • Marie Rebelle says:

      I am always grateful when Master T documents my marks so I can look at them again later πŸ™‚ xox

  2. It tells me you’ve had a very wonderful time and also that I am missing sir and his spankings whilst I’m away. I need to go home!!

    • Marie Rebelle says:

      “her needs satisfied by the man she trusts” … oh yes, I DO trust Him. With all my heart!

  3. To me this image tells me teeth gritting pain in the pursuit of beautiful sexy marks… but then as you know I am a slut for the marks


    • Marie Rebelle says:

      After He marked me that day, I thought of you when I stood in front of the hotel mirror, admiring my marks πŸ˜‰

      Rebel xox

  4. This picture speaks to me of your submission and the gifts that he gives you. Your position is beautiful and the marks show you as the beautiful canvas for his art.

    I want to caress those beautiful heated cheeks.

    • Marie Rebelle says:

      “the gifts that he gives you” – yes, every mark He puts on my body is a gift. I love to be His canvas πŸ™‚
      I would love for you to caress my cheeks… xox

  5. This image tells me a story of endurance, of pain suffered and craved, of his dominace left to tell it’s own story upon your skin.


    Flip x

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