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Two weeks ago I did a ‘kink of the week’ post on Lingerie and I received this comment:

Dear Rebel, referring to the question with which you start this post: what about MEN who like to WEAR lingerie…? As you know, that’s my cup of tea and as I discover more and more: by far I’m not the only one. It was only this week that I had a new insight. I always considered it ‘natural’ that only women, cd’s and tv’s wear women’s clothes and lingerie, wear jewelry and use make-up. But why should that be natural? When you take an unbiased look at men dressed up and made up like a woman – on the condition that it is done properly and tasteful – it really is for the better. When I look at myself for instance, I really appreciate my looks much more when I’m ‘dressed’. Not only because of the fetish and sexual impact of it, but absolutely also from easthetical view. My point is: I think we should stop considering lingerie, make-up etc. as belonging only to the female domain. It should be perfectly normal that man dress in (made to fit) lingerie and use make-up without being held for a sissy. I’m very interested in your opinion on this subject and in the opinion of your readers as well. In short; [1] Do you like dressed up men in general? and [2] Do you agree with me that it should by regarded as normal. I would really appreciate a HONEST answer… Have a very, very nice and kinky weekend!

My post started with this:

Are there even women out there who do not like lingerie? And are there even men out there who do not like to see women in beautiful lingerie?

Clive’s pinks (used with permission)
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And yes, I can see where I have totally ignored to address a group of people that might be bigger than we know: men who like to wear lingerie. I know they are out there and I should have included them in my post, but I just did not give them any thought. Why? Because I naturally assumed that only women wear lingerie and men like to see women in lingerie. But, like Kinquie who left this comment and Clive, whom I adore, there are more men out there who like to wear lingerie and feel good to wear them.

I could have just answered Kinquie’s comment and let it be, but I decided to turn it int a new post and address his questions here. And, at the same time I would love for people to join in and give their views on these two questions, and Kinquie’s comment.

Question 1: Do you like dressed up men in general?
I love men in suits and I love men who are dressed neatly, even if only in denims and a T-shirt. But, I know this is not what is meant by this question. Do I like men who dress up as women? I cannot say that I don’t like them, because that will be a lie. If it’s done tastefully, like Kinquie mentioned in his comment, I do not have a problem with it. Yes, it will make me feel awkward for a couple of moments, because really, I do not see dressed up men daily, but, I will easily be able to look past the clothes and see the person behind it. This said, I have to add that the person behind it should act normal too, otherwise all he will cause is for me to feel uncomfortable and not be able to act normal in his presence.

Question 2: Do you agree with me that it should by regarded as normal?
I tend to want to ask: what is normal? But, I understand the question, which may also be read as: should it be accepted?
I will say what I have said on this blog many times before: I feel that there should be mutual respect for the way other choose to live, for their way of doing things, whether it has to do with their family life, their working life or their kinks. I try to live by that standard, but I know that in general people judge others. The majority of people would judge a man walking by in women’s clothes. The majority of people would not even try to understand it, let alone respect such a man for his choices. Will I judge such a man? Yes, I will… but only if he is obviously making a fool of himself by not being tastefully dressed or acting in a dramatic way.

I think that men who dress in women’s clothes in a tasteful manner and who act ‘normal’ are not even recognized as men in women’s clothes. It happened to me in Amsterdam, where we visited the Red Light District and I actually spoke to a woman , only to be told later that it was actually a man. Him acting perfectly normal and being very tastefully dressed had me able to see the person and have a proper conversation. This, in my opinion is how it should be.

I would love to hear your opinions, experiences and views on this, as would Kinquie!
Please comment… thank you!

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