Shop of Choice

I was writing a post about dildo’s, which was the topic for this week’s ‘Kink of the week’, when I got distracted and turned my attention to the internet. What for? To visit several sex web shops and search for more interesting toys. Which got me thinking: just how did we do it back in the years before Internet? Or even before there were so many sex shops on the Internet. I mean, just search for any sex related item and amaze yourself at the number of hits you get from sex shops all over the globe.

I remember the days when I had a paper catalogue to look for sexy items. By then I could order them in the online shop, but I needed the paper catalogue for the article numbers. How wonderful it was when the web shop at last had all articles in it and I didn’t need the catalogue anymore! Just look how far we have come. Nowadays when you want an article, you have a lot of sex shops to choose from. You don’t even have to order things in the country you live in, but you can order them from as far away from you as you want to.

naughty but niceSome of us have our favorite shops we order from. Some of us have several favorite shops, depending on the kind of article you are looking for. And others? They just order the item from any sex shop, depending on whether they are looking for the best price, the fastest delivery time or whatever criteria they find important. We tend to have a couple of sex shops that we buy from, situated all over the world and depending on what article we ‘need’.

How about you? How do you decide where and what to buy?

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