Party On!

Who wants to party with me?

Not only is it my birthday, but also this domain’s.

One of us turns two today… can you guess who?


You can click the photo to enlarge some of the party ingredients…

This photo is also place in collaboration with the #febphotofest.

Click the button below to see who else is playing.

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30 thoughts on “Party On!

  1. Happy belated birthday to you both! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get over here yesterday to say it, but I hope you felt my good happy birthday wishes from afar!

  2. Happy Birthday! πŸ˜‰

    To both.

    I don’t actually know when my site’s birthday is. I just renew the domain name whenever I get whinged at by my registrar.

  3. paul says:

    dear Marie,

    i wish you a beautiful birthday and an awesome party … together with Mr T and your family.

    lots of love & kisses

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