Enough is enough… or is it?

Is enough really enough?

enoughSo many things come to mind when I hear the word enough. There were times in my life when I have definitely said: enough. Take the two marriages I ended. I came to a point where I had enough and I just stopped trying to save the relationships. I am a very patient person, giving people a second and a third and a fourth and a tenth chance, but when I get to the point that my patience is gone: enough is enough. And that is what happened in those marriages: enough was enough.

Sometimes things are not enough. Just think about the hours in the day. No, there is never enough. I work 40 hours in the week and in the evenings and weekends I work on my website. Even though it doesn’t look like it from the outside, I also balance my time well enough that I have time to relax and do fun things. I have a high productivity rate, which means I always have time for some relaxing too. Yet, still I need more hours in my day, as the time I have just never is enough. I always want to do more, need more time to do the fun things I want to do.

Interesting is that SilverDrop asked in her prompt whether you have enough to eat. We are in the privileged position that we do have enough. We both have a steady job and we earn reasonable salaries. It has not always been like this for me. When I just started working, I had to turn over every cent several times, because I had a child to care for and had to make sure she ate healthy. There was no money to buy meat and for quite some time we lived on soy products. Healthy, but it gave me such a aversion to soy products that up to today and I hate the taste of it. Back then, I had no other choice and at least it was healthy enough to give my kid and know she had a proper meal. Will I be able to go back to times like that, to times where you know you don’t have money to buy just about everything you desire? Yes, if need be, I will be able to do it.

Am I good enough? This is another question SilverDrop had in her prompt and it immediately made me think of the post I did not so long ago. I still have my negative moments, in which I really doubt myself and do not feel that I am good enough for anything and everyone, but most of the time I have accepted myself just like I am and expect everyone else to do so too. I am who I am, this is me, this is my body, this is me… I am good enough!

Whether I am good enough for Master T is something I know I should not wonder or worry about. I don’t even get the time to doubt it, because He makes no secret of it: I am good enough for Him. And since this is the case, who am I to doubt myself?

But when is enough not enough? Two things immediately come to mind. I will never get enough of Master T’s love for me and I would barely ever say that I had enough orgasms. I just keep on going until my body tells me to stop. And the moment I stop, no matter how sensitive my girly parts feel, I want more.

Enough is an interesting word, isn’t it? We all define enough according to our own reference and experience.What is enough for me does not necessarily have to be enough for someone else.

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