On Sinful Sunday it’s all about the image.

The first monthly theme for Sinful Sunday is “Back to School”.

I have always been a good girl in school. When the teacher was late, I was doing the homework I got in the previous class. In the afternoons I always loyally did my homework for the next day.
I always was an exemplary girl, but I never did my homework back then the way I do it nowadays!

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The left photo was chosen as Molly’s top pic of the week.

This is what Molly said about the photo: My top pic was a really tough choice this week, as the prompt seemed to have bought out the best in people but after lots of pondering I kept coming back to this one. Such a simple image really and yet I think it just exudes beauty, sensuality, sexuality and truth. The shot in itself, like the one above, is an excellent piece of work with the strong focus on the hand and pen but a clear depth of field that keeps her body focused within the image but this is beyond technical achievement and more about the soft tones of her skin, the hint of the tattoo, the slight swell of her tummy that I adore. I hope Rebel knows just how beautiful she looks in this image. 

36 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Doing homework in your adulthood is much more exciting than doing it when you’re a kid. That’s for sure.

    Sexy images though!!

    xxx Miss July xxx

  2. Heaven says:

    I would not mind seeing you do your homework like that at all. I was good in school and had mines done as well. I actually miss it.

  3. I should of taken pictures of me doing my homework from last week. I had papers everywhere. Why don’t I do it naked? Your way of doing homework is much better. 😉

  4. I often did do my homework naked, both at college and University.

    In fact at University there were many days when I barely wore any clothes. Despite the cold weather 😉

    Great pictures!

  5. *chuckle* Another naked homeworker! I do my study clothed (although occasionally pegged), but my nightly journaling often looks like the photos above – although not half as appealing, I think 🙂

    xx Dee

  6. Oh my goodness… are we in fact the same people? I was that good girl too, and shy and quiet and now…..

    yet again I find myself wishing we lived closer to one another


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