You have been warned…

“You have been warned,” He said.

I turned over on my back. My heart was racing and a huge smile was plastered on my face. Thankfully it was dark and He could not see me. His warning should have stopped this silly mood, right?

If possible, my smile broadened when I thought about the silliness that lead up to His warning. I was in a silly mood all evening. It started downstairs. There was a pleasant unrest in my body. I was craving some attention. It was not that Master T gave me no attention at all. Of course we talked. We hugged. We kissed. We connected. But still I had this urge in me to just jump around. I was happy. I was excited for no reason at all. I could easily fuck for hours even though I did not feel particularly horny. I was just in a silly, happy mood.

Master T had sighed a couple of times because of my silliness, but I knew He was not really irritated. Fact is, He rarely gets irritated. I was getting tired of myself, funny as that may sound. I just could not stop myself from being silly, could not stop the excited feeling in me. It was bubbling out all the time and had me laughing at my own silly jokes.

By the time we went to bed I felt a bit calmer.

Until we were in bed…

I started poking Master T. I said silly things and poked Him some more. At first He was laughing. He tried to grab my hand, but I evaded Him. Poked Him again. Evaded Him again and managed to poke Him again. I was being a brat!
“Stop that,” He said, but His voice did not sound angry or irritated.
“I don’t want to,” I said, almost singing my words.
“I think it’s time for you to go to sleep,” He spoke again.
“I am not tired,” I sang again, “I want to play.”
“It’s late. We have to work tomorrow. Go to sleep.”

Again I disobeyed and tried to poke Him. This time He managed to grab my hand.
“Once more and you will be sleeping with your plug and wearing it to work tomorrow. The big one!”
I was quiet for a while, but did not think He was really serious. I drew my breath in to speak again.

“You have been warned,” He said.

njoylarge1I turned over on my back. My heart was racing and a huge smile was plastered on my face. Thankfully it was dark and He could not see me. I thought about what He said. The big plug? I really do not mind sleeping with my medium plug, but the big plug robs me from most of my sleep. As for wearing a plug to my work? Well that I prefer to avoid totally. I had to do it once and I really did not like it. Master T had found the perfect thing to stop me from being silly, or at least acting on the silly, bubbly feelings inside me.

Indeed, I had been warned. I had to make a huge effort to calm myself down, to stop my heart from racing, to control my breathing. And most of all I had to stop my hand from impulsively poking Master T again. I lay in His arms and concentrated on the sound coming from the radio. This time, I succeeded, in calming down. Who knows about next time. Will a warning help every time?

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