Hotel whipping

DSC_4545a1.jpgI knew our hotel stay would not be all about sex or all about dominance. I knew that for the bigger part of our stay it will be about spending time together and relaxing. However, nothing could stop the longing inside me – the longing to feel His dominance, to feel His control, to feel at least some pain.

I felt His dominance when He told me to get naked, get on my knees and suck Him. This was within the first hour after we have entered our room. I swallowed obediently and He promised that there would be more later that evening. About 2 hours later He bound me to the railing around the stairs that lead to the roof terrace. I knew that He had some instruments with Him – a paddle, several sizes of floggers, the long whip and the dragon tail whip. I wanted to feel all of them and I wanted to see the marks on me afterward. I desired it, longed for it.

The paddle touched my ass first. Softly, then harder. Master T needed to find the right rhythm, the right strength to swing it with. At first it did not hurt at all. Then He struck me with more force and after a couple of strikes my ass started glowing. It never once hurt the way the whip would, but it did give my ass a nice warm feeling and I found myself thinking about Master R’s spankings. They give my bottom the same glow as the paddle did.

If I remember correctly, Master T used the flogger next. This hurt more than the paddle. It stung my bottom, and I was sure that it left some marks on me. That’s how it felt at that moment. There were moments that I tried to get away from the stingy touches of the flogger, but there were also some moments where I smiled when I felt the flogger touching my buttocks one by one in quick succession. I knew He had seen this technique used by Master R. I just cannot describe the feeling I had at that moment that He used it.

But soon my thoughts returned to the burning again, and more so when He started using the long whip. This touched me on my ass, on my back and sometimes the point of the whip curled around my body and touched my stomach. The long whip hurt a lot more than the flogger did. The dragon tail was next and as before, it burned and had me twisting and turning to get away.

DSC_4550a1.jpgWhat happened to my body was something I had experienced before. It’s something that I enjoy every time it happens and that I want over and over again. It’s as if my entire body screams: I want more. And those screams cannot be stilled. During the whipping, the flogging and the paddling of my bottom, I tried my best not to fight Master T with my mind. My body fought, yes. My mind fought too, but not against Him. My mind fought to just submit to what He was putting me through. To focus on the pain and not on how or what He was doing. I wanted nothing more than to submit. I partially succeeded, which made me proud of myself. I knew I could do it and I knew if I practiced more, the time would come when I do not fight Him any longer but just accept.

All too soon the whipping stopped. It was only when I sat on the couch that I realized that the whipping lasted for close to an hour. My bottom was radiating heat and I had a smile on my face. I was not even overly disappointed when only one faint mark could be seen hours later. This experience has shown me that I will eventually be able to focus and submit to Master T in the same way I submit to Master R – without trying to control Master T’s actions with my conscious mind.

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