I had a dream…

dreams1It seems like sex is always on my mind, but that probably does not surprise you at all. Neither does it me 😉

I do not dream every night and if I dream, not all my dreams are erotic. I do not even remember all my dreams, but sometimes there are dreams that linger in my mind for days after. Some of those dreams are scary ones and those I try to push from my mind as quickly as possible. Like the ones where I dream that Master T does not want me anymore. Those scare me and I always wake up crying. Thankfully, it’s something I have only dreamed about three times since we have been together.

The erotic dreams… well those I try to hold on as long as possible. I want to know more. I want to dream on. I want to experience everything and I just hate when I wake up too quickly.

It seems that I have more erotic dreams lately. Maybe it’s because of our active sex lives and letting others into it. You see, my sex dreams do not always include Master T. Yes, He is always there, but I don’t always see Him. I just know that He is watching and approving. I feel His presence, feel His approval, feel His control.

So who do I see in my dreams? Strangely enough they do not have faces. I feel them. That is the most amazing of it. I just know who it is. Like the dream I had where some colleagues and friends were watching me at an auction, which prompted me to write a fantasy. I don’t remember all of my erotic dreams. Some of them I forget within an hour, others hang around me for a day, but there are those that I remember for months, sometimes years.

I recently had one of those.

I was in a room. There was a man. We were together. I felt the presence of Master T, but could not see Him. At one stage we were in an office, the next moment we were in a bedroom. It looked like a hotel room. I did not recognize it. I was smiling at him. He was smiling at me. I felt my own excitement, but also some shyness. Here I was, about to be intimate with a man while Master T was watching. I could still not see Master T, but I knew He was there. He always is.

The man beckoned for me to come closer. I slowly walked towards him. His hand was as the same height as my crotch. I walked towards the bed until my knees touched the side of it. His hand was against my crotch. He slowly slipped two fingers inside my pussy and started to pull me towards him. I got on the bed, on my knees. It was an intense feeling being pulled towards him with those fingers buried in my wetness. I felt the trust between us. He was no stranger to me. I wanted to please him. I wanted to be with him. I knew that by being with this man, I would please Master T. I felt intense happiness as I moved in the direction his fingers were pulling me. Knees on the bed, my legs spread. His other hand behind my neck, pulling me down towards him. Our lips touched as he fell back onto the bed, pulling me on top of him with his fingers still inside me.

I woke up.

I wanted to dream on, but I woke up. Up to today I have no idea who the man was. He was someone I knew, someone Master T approved of. I did not only want to know who he was, but I want to know what happened after he pulled me on top of him. I wanted to dream the dream up to the end, but alas, we cannot choose what we dream.

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