Mar 122013

Continued from… Playdate 3-1: In the backseat of the car (take 1)

When the Masters thought that it was time to have another play date, they decided that we should not go away for an entire weekend every time we meet. I think both Dena and I felt some disappointment, but of course both of us also understood and left it to the Masters to decide.

The decision was made to visit a place where Master R and Dena had been before: a specially equipped BDSM room. Before I continue to tell you about our second date, I want to tell you about this venue. The room is in the back of a huge house and has a Chinese theme. On the top floor there are two couches in a corner and on the opposite wall you have a big wheel and between the couches and the wheel there are two massage tables. On the other wall there’s a St. Andrew’s cross and a wooden rack. A pillory, a spanking horse and a slave chair completes the ‘furniture’ for this level.

In the basement there are two more massage tables, a relax corner with two chairs, another slave chair and a sex sling. And then, underneath the stairs there is a cage with a steel door. In both the rooms there are chains hanging from the beams on the ceiling.

One side of the room...  bdsmhouse2  bdsmhouse3
The pillory  The big wheel

Actually, the two rooms are so well equipped that it is impossible to use all the ‘furniture’ in only three and a half hours, the length of time we had to spend there. But most definitely this is a good alternative for a weekend away, a good way of spending time together with like-minded people or as a couple.

We sure utilized the time we had there to the fullest. Still, there are more than enough things there that we can still use and I would not be surprised if the Masters plan more dates at this same venue.

To be continued… Playdate 3-3: The pillory

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