Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Sometimes something totally inspirational happens at the most unexpected moment. I received a tweet about a comment that has been posted on my blog and that it might have went to the spam folder due to a link in it. I went to check and saw the comment marked as ‘pending’ but at the same time decided to run through the 200+ spam comments I had. At first I wanted to just delete them, but then decided quickly scan through them. And there I found a comment from Franco Bolli.

Franco Bolli has nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. This is a great honor, and where I have not read Franco’s blog yet, I will definitely do so from now on. The blog started in November 2012, has the title ‘Princess and I’ and it covers a variety of subjects.

The Rules
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.




7 things about myself
1. My highs are very high, my lows very low.
2. I love to be spanked and whipped.
3. I have too many pairs of shoes that I don’t wear.
4. I mostly wear black and red.
5. I am getting more comfortable with photos of myself.
6. I love to paint my nails in bright colors.
7. I only recently started to sleep naked again.
(Questions about the above? Do not hesitate to ask.)

My nominees
Five of the blogs below are blogs that I have followed for almost as long as my own blog exists and the words and images on those blogs still inspire me a lot. But I wanted to include blogs I have only started following in the last couple of months, as there are so many inspiring things on those too. Just hop over to each of these and read some of their words.

So without further ado, here’s my nominees:

A lovely blog with a male author, telling about his adventures with his wife and his own bisexuality. You can find posts about BDSM, polyamory and sharing with others.
Twitter: @MrAbsnthPassion

Ann Morette
I only recently started following Ann Morette after I have seen posts of her on Sinful Sunday and Wicked Wednesday. There is always something bubbly in her words and her photos that attract me!
Twitter: @AnnMorette

At Longing’s End
A blog with two authors – Mina and Sylvanus. They share their journey of their open marriage with the world. Frequently I read posts on here that have me thinking about it for days after I have read it. Both of them have a lovely way with words and getting thoughts and feelings across.
Twitter: @mydesire and @sylvanus

Cammies on the floor
This is another blog I only recently started following. This is an interesting blog written by two sisters, one married to a military man and the other lives in a military town. There’s still some posts I need to read here, but I definitely like the writing styles.
Twitter: @cammiesonfloor

Curious Muse
This woman has such an enormous writing talent. Seriously, nothing I can say about her could do her justice. Just go and read!
Twitter: @curiousmuse1 

Curvaceous Dee
Dee is such a beautiful woman. In her own words, she’s: Exhibitionist with words, skin and sex. Free with kisses, compliments, and friendship. Open with heart, passion, and laughter.
And every word is true. I really admire this woman!
Twitter: @CurvaceousDee 

A very young blog but one I just had to include in here, because I have gotten to know the woman behind this blog before she started posting and she has and is inspiring me to many things. Go and follow her, because she has a lot to share!
Twitter: @dedi644

Dragon’s Kink
Kazi of Dragon’s Kink in my eyes is the Scavenger Hunt Queen. She seems to have endless courage to come up with different places to make sexy photos. And reading about and seeing her photos on sensation play does give one interesting ideas.
Twitter: @KaziGrrl

I Like Chocolate, He Likes Vanilla
Emily Daniel, the author of this blog, says in her own words: The trials and tribulations of a polyamorous kinky lady happily married to a monogamous vanilla man, while occasionally writing erotica.
She posts very sexy photos and when she writes, she holds your attention from the first to the last words.
Twitter: @polyvanilla

Mia’s Musings
Mia is one of the people, just like Kazi and Dee that I have been following almost as long as my own blog exist. There are always something on Mia’s blog that set you off thinking of your own situation.
Twitter: @Mistress_Mia_ 

Molly’s Daily Kiss
I have been following Molly’s blog for almost as long as I can remember. This is another woman I deeply admire and who I feel a strong connection with. The connection is so strong that when I read her words, I feel as if I could have written them and she feels the same about my words a lot of the time. I just love this woman and can’t wait to meet her!
Twitter: @Mollysdailykiss

Plumptious Pea’s Pod
Sweet Pea. This woman has stolen my heart with her words, her photos, her tenderness. She is such a sweet woman and so very talented. Bless the day she decided to share her poems with the world!
Twitter: @PlumptiousPea

Rachel Kincaid
Another very young blog, but already this held my attention almost from the word ‘go’. The subtitle on this blog says: Just a smart woman who thinks about sex. But this smart woman does not only think about sex. No, she writes about it too and brilliantly so!
Twitter: @RachelKincaid4 

Stella Kiink
Stella is another woman who writes erotica and poems and knows how to form words to tell a wonderful story that holds your attention from start to end.
Twitter: @StellaKiink 

Stranded in Toronto
Another blog written by a man. I have once seen a comment left by Molly and I totally agree: why this man has never been published, I do not understand. Just go read what he writes. And do expect some twists in his stories… brilliant twists!
Twitter: @stranded_in_to

I can go on and on to add more blogs to this list. I started out with about 30 blogs on my list… bummer I am allowed only fifteen nominees. So please, if you are not on here, it’s not because I don’t like your blog!

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