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On Sinful Sunday it’s all about the image.


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Marie Rebelle
Marie Rebelle is an erotic author and the driving force behind Rebel's Notes. She is creator of the weekly meme, Wicked Wednesday and coordinator of a Dutch writers group. She lives in the Netherlands with her Husband and kids and besides being very busy with her website and writing stories, she has a fulltime job.
Marie Rebelle
Marie Rebelle

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  54 Responses to “Sinful Sunday #79: Sexy Reading”

  1. Oh my I love those heels! And of course reading naked as well ;)
    Penny recently posted..Ready to PlayMy Profile

  2. Who needs anything else other than a pair of red shoes to wear……….sexy, hot Rebel :-))

    ~Mia~ xx
    Mia recently posted..FacebookMy Profile

  3. It’s absolutely stunning!!! There is nothing more sexy than red shoes and bed. So naughty…. ;) M

    • Very naughty indeed. Master T loves it when I wear high heels and frequently requires me to wear them.

      Rebel xox

  4. fabulous! I have shoe lust among other things….;-)
    jemima101 recently posted..Political compasses and multiple dimensionsMy Profile

  5. I really like your shoes. And do I see old bruises? Lovely shot.
    Beck recently posted..Sinful Sunday – A Red Wine DelusionMy Profile

  6. With shoes like those on I hope you are reading wizard of oz!
    Yummy recently posted..Sinful Sunday – giving and sharingMy Profile

  7. I have to say this – I didn’t even notice the shoes! (I had to scroll back up for a second look after all the comments about them.)

    What I did notice is that you appeared to be in exactly the right position for excellent oral sex. Sure, you could be reading a book – but I prefer to think that you’re right in there, lost in the scent and taste of genitalia. Yum :)

    xx Dee
    Curvaceous Dee recently posted..Rangitoto DreamingMy Profile

    • mmm I would have loved to be in the position for oral sex, wearing only my shoes ;)

      Such a yummy thought!

      Rebel xox

  8. Sexy picture :)
    You know what they say “Nice Shoes …” hehehe

  9. Not even the longest book would have sufficient words to describe this lovely pic!

    O x
    O recently posted..Review #2: PulsatronMy Profile

  10. Do you mind putting those shoes in a box and shipping them to me? I kinda LOVE them. This picture has got the Hotness. For me it’s the shoes mixed with only the hint of of the ink showing. It makes me want to roll her over and take her in.
    TheSinDoll recently posted..GlimmersMy Profile

    • May I also just give you the link where to buy them? They are seriously hot, as are almost all Iron Fist shoes.

      And rolling me over and taking me in sounds so very sexy ;)

      Rebel xox

  11. Beautifully sexy, and the shoes make it even more so- love heels, and you wear them well- esp when that’s all you’re wearing ;)
    Pirate recently posted..Golden Showers & Piss-PlayMy Profile

    • I think my Husband will love this comment of yours. He thinks exactly the same, except that He loves to see me in my heels and collar, nothing else.

      Rebel xox

  12. Gorgeous and love the shoes!
    Rose recently posted..Sinful Sunday: Carpet BeaterMy Profile

  13. Holy fucknuts, I LOVE THOSE SHOESSSSS.
    Jilly recently posted..Sinful Sunday ~ For I Am LearnedMy Profile

  14. Such lovely shoes!! I am jealous!!

    xxx Miss July xxx
    MissJuly recently posted..HairyMy Profile

  15. Of course the shoes deserve mentioning, but my eyes are drawn to what look to be marks or welts on your skin. Certainly a story to be told there.

    Bad punning, as always,
    LadyP x
    ladypandorah recently posted..Earning My StripesMy Profile

    • Ah, very observant of you! This photo indeed has been made some time ago, just after our second date. Yep, the same date I have blogged about on here ;)

      Rebel xox

  16. Gorgeous as always and I want those shoes ;)
    Did get them in London?

    Maggi xxx

  17. Reading is sexy, heels are sexy, naked is sexy… Rebel is sexy!

    Molly recently posted..Testing The WaterMy Profile

  18. I love your shoes!
    Ella recently posted..AvalonMy Profile

  19. I like your choice of reading attire!
    Hubman recently posted..Sinful Sunday – Tied UpMy Profile

  20. Lovely image, great angle and fabulous shoes!!! (extra brownie points for not having bare feet, but seriously the shoes are awesome)
    Emily recently posted..TextureMy Profile

    • Thank you. Master T was very pleased with your comment. He is not a fan of bare feet, He prefers me to be in high heels all the time.

      Rebel xox

  21. Great image and stunning shoes!

  22. I love the pic – it’s super sexy but my eyes are drawn to the shoes. Then again, I do have a thing or something about shoes.
    iHotness recently posted..fuck you, societyMy Profile

    • mmm I do too and I do not wear my sexy ones enough. Then again, Master T would love me to wear high heeled shoes all the time ;)

      Rebel xox

  23. Lots of sexy red things in this photo!! Love it :)

    ~Kazi xxx
    KaziGrrl recently posted..Sinful Sunday: Kink365 ProjectMy Profile

  24. You look beautiful. And, if Dorothy had a shoe fetish…I just love those.

    xx S
    Simone recently posted..PleaseMy Profile

  25. We often read erotica to one another while naked. There’s always room for one more.
    Silverdrops recently posted..#SinfulSunday: Another red bowMy Profile

  26. Very pretty shoes!
    Mina Lamieux recently posted..Audioboo – current thoughtsMy Profile

  27. Oh! How I love the texture of your skin! Also, I love your shoes! Adore!!
    Agatha-luise recently posted..Bare skinnedMy Profile

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