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I was going to post something totally different (and sexy) for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, but something happened on Monday that just left this feeling in me that I had to write this post.

I have been so angry! I still feel the irritation bubbling up when I just think of it!

On Monday I was informed that content of my site was copied and posted on someone else’s blog and whether I was aware of it or have maybe given permission for it. I have never given permission to anyone to copy any of my work. No one! But still, following the link I was sent, there it was: numerous of my posts could be read on Provocative Jane. I was at my work at the time, but wanted to take action immediately. I commented on one of MY posts on Provocative Jane, telling her that I have not given her ANY permission to repost my content. I asked Provocative Jane to immediately remove ALL of my posts from her website or she would be reported! Three hours later I checked and all my posts were removed. But, my name still popped up on her site when I did a search. Why? Because she had also reposted a post in which Molly had mentioned me. I immediately informed Molly. And when I came home, I joined Molly in informing other bloggers that their content was stolen by Provocative Jane. There is absolutely no original content on this blog and it seems like she is stealing content using the RSS feed of other blogs.

copyrightThis is just so wrong! How can someone just steal someone else’s work? I have a notice in my sidebar, asking people not to copy any of my content without asking for permission. Also, the footer of my blog has a clear ‘all rights reserved‘ message. Why do someone like Provocative Jane just ignore that? And even if a blog has NO copyright notice on it, isn’t it just good manners to ASK before you repost something on your own blog the way that Provocative Jane did? I don’t mind people linking back to my posts. In fact, I welcome that. But do not copy it without permission from me. That is just so wrong! Disrespectful!

Doesn’t Provocative Jane or anyone else who steals content from blogs understand that we work very hard to make our blogs what it is? That is is our intellectual content, our creations? I know how much work I put into my blog and I think every other (erotic) blogger works just as hard. I work on my blog every single day of the week for as many hours as I can. It’s like having a second job – a job I thoroughly enjoy. The fact that I share my words online gives NO ONE the right to just copy my words! All words on there are MINE. Everyone may read them, everyone may link back to them, everyone may tell others about them, but NO ONE is allowed to just steal them!

I will keep an eye on the blog of Provocative Jane and I will inform people when I see their work on there and I suspect it has been re-posted without permission. I will do the same with any other website(s) I might come across that unrighteously re-post any content from any other blogger. I will inform the bloggers and I will report the website for theft.

But not all that happened on Monday was negative…

The theft by Provocative Jane has shown me yet again how loving and caring the erotic blogging community is. First there was Ruby who warned me. Then I warned Molly. Then Molly started warning lots of people whose posts she found on the site of the provocative bi…. uh, Jane. I joined in some hours later, but played only a small role in warning people, since Molly had already warned a lot of people. Those people in turn warned others who they knew. It was like a pebble had been thrown in a pond. The ripples spread out to reach as many people as possible and warn them about the theft of their content. We all watch out for each other. We help each other. We give each other advice. We tease each other lovingly. We are fond of each other. We are proud of each other.

And we will continue to be just this: a tight community looking out for each other.

Now, do you have copyright on your site? If not, you might want to put it on there, because just like my words are my property, your words are yours. Do you have any advice for anyone one how to improve their copyright? Please let them know. Let’s keep on watching out for each other!

Note: In the meantime the website of Provocative Jane has been taken down.

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