Dec 182012

I don’t know anymore what happened before. Were we making photos? Or rather, was Master T making photos of me? Was it the night I tried on my new garter belt? Or were we just talking and getting ready for bed? I don’t know anymore.

“Get on your knees and use your mouth for what it was made for,” He said while sitting in His recliner.
He did not have to tell me what He meant. I knew. I got on my knees between His legs, pulled His underpants down and took his half hard cock out. My lips closed around it and I felt it growing in my mouth. I knew this is what He wanted. He wanted me to suck Him and He wanted me to swallow His cum. And I wanted it too. I was horny and actually wanted to be fucked, but knew that this was not going to happen. Tonight it was about His pleasure, not mine.

My lips and hand worked up and down His shaft. All my attention was with what I was doing, but a small part of my mind drifted off. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted to suck Him and at the same time feel another man behind me, fucking either my pussy or my ass. Damn, I was horny.

“May I touch my clitoris?” I asked as I stopped and looked up at Him.
“Go ahead,” He said.
My free hand found my clitoris. It was thick and swollen and I was very wet. I still had the image of a man behind me in my head when I felt Master T’s cock pulsating and tasted His cum in my mouth. I kept on sucking, swallowing every drop that he pumped into my mouth. My free hand was still between my legs as I sat back on my knees, rubbing my clitoris. Damn, I really needed an orgasm.

Feeling my legs go numb, I lay down on my back and rested my feet on the armrests of the recliner Master T was sitting in. He had a good view on my pussy, able to see every move I made. My fingers were moving rapidly over my clitoris, but for some or other reason this was not enough. I wanted more. My fingers could not move as quick as I wanted them to move. I needed the touch to be more intense.

I was on the floor in front of our closet. It was as if the only toy that was in the drawer was screaming my name. I opened the drawer and pulled out the tiny finger vibrator. The day we got it – years ago! – I slipped a silicon sleeve over it and never managed to get it off again. The vibrations of this vibrator is very intense. It has only one setting. I turned the back to switch it on and pressed it lightly against my hard button. Only seconds later I had a squirting orgasm that left me panting and satisfied.

Master T spoke after I have turned off the mini vibrator.
“Apparently you needed that, slut.”
“Yes, Sir, I did” I smiled.

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Marie Rebelle
Marie Rebelle is an erotic author and the driving force behind Rebel's Notes. She is creator of the weekly meme, Wicked Wednesday and coordinator of a Dutch writers group. She lives in the Netherlands with her Husband and kids and besides being very busy with her website and writing stories, she has a fulltime job.
Marie Rebelle
Marie Rebelle

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  1. I love when he is in the recliner and I get on my knees but, picturing another man behind me makes is so much hotter.
    Kim recently posted..TMI Tuesday-SexyMy Profile

  2. That was a hot image in your mind. I can say that it is extremely hot to have two men, one in front and one behind.
    Mina Lamieux recently posted..Dec 18th Advent CalendarMy Profile

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