Oct 212012

On Sinful Sunday it’s all about the image.

A month ago we were in a hotel for a special meeting with another couple. When we arrived at the hotel to book into our room and wait for the other couple to arrive, an immense cruise ship, the MS Rotterdam, was moored at the quay in the harbor of Rotterdam, very close to the Erasmusbrug. While the sexy lady and I were playing on the bed, Master T. made this photo from the window of our hotel of the departing cruise ship.

When the couple left many hours later and after we had dinner that evening, Master T. and I took a stroll on the quay where the passengers boarded the cruise ship hours before. It was the perfect Scavenger Hunt opportunity, even though there were people about 100 meters away from us.

The photos were made with a camera phone, which unfortunately does not give the best quality zoom and casted a strange shadow on the first photo, but you get the idea. Oh, and I was plugged too at that moment, and still dressed in exactly the same way as I was during dinner.

I believe that this is notch #12 for Scavenger Hunt.

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Marie Rebelle
Marie Rebelle is an erotic author and the driving force behind Rebel's Notes. She is creator of the weekly meme, Wicked Wednesday and coordinator of a Dutch writers group. She lives in the Netherlands with her Husband and kids and besides being very busy with her website and writing stories, she has a fulltime job.
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  26 Responses to “Sinful Sunday #67: Scavenger Hunt: Harbour”

  1. I just assumed the shadow was a ghostly figure giving you some oral attention ;-)
    Mina Lamieux recently posted..Monday Moanings – pinkMy Profile

  2. Oh yes – Rebel’s been out cruising :) well done indeed. Hmmm, you may make me change my opinion about cruises too. I have always hated the thought of being stuck on a cruise ship for a holiday but the you have illustrated some ‘harbour delights’ that are quite appealing :)
    Clive recently posted..Feelings are so importantMy Profile

    • Seeing that cruise ship has me reconsidering my views on cruises too. Just image the fun that can be had on such a ship ;)

  3. Such incredibly sexy and daring photos! I do love the pose in the 3rd shot. :)
    Yes, THAT Tonya recently posted..Sinful Sunday – Happy trailMy Profile

  4. Oh, well done – to exhibit yourself with people so close by, and to be plugged as well!

    I’ve updated the SH page (and listed this as ‘quay’).

    xx Dee
    Curvaceous Dee recently posted..The Perils (Not Really) of DeeMy Profile

    • What can I say, once a rebel… *grins*

      Thanks for updating the page luv and ‘quay’ is perfect of course :D

      Rebel xox

  5. Now they are such sexy shots and those boots……me want!!!!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  6. My favorite is the last one, it looks like you’re waiting for people to walk by so you can put on a surprise show ;)
    Penny recently posted..AddictedMy Profile

    • Ooooh I don’t think I would have dared to do that, but if they were not looking out over the river, they would definitely have had a show ;)

      Rebel xox

  7. Great opportunity! what sexy shots- and those boots too!
    geekynymph recently posted..Bringing Sexy BackMy Profile

  8. Doesn’t matter about the phone…these images are HOT and those boots are so damn sexy.

    Molly recently posted..Come To BedMy Profile

  9. You are much braver than I am. I don’t think I could do that with people 100meters away. Great shots. And sounds like a lovely evening! :P
    Beck recently posted..Sinful Sunday – Everything Is Better With BaconMy Profile

    • It definitely was a great evening and feeling so good afterwards, had me in a daring mood. I love making Scavenger Hunt photos, even though I am terrified of being caught ;)

      Rebel xox

  10. Oooh Rebel you erm rebel!
    Well done!

  11. Glad to see you took such an opportunity for a wonderful notch! Well done :)

    ~Kazi xxx
    KaziGrrl recently posted..Sinful Sunday: GazeboMy Profile

  12. I believe we sailed on the Rotterdam on our honeymoon. Quite a lovely ship, as I recall. But nowhere near as lovely as you look in the second and third shots. Especially the third. Very daring, as usual!
    Jack and Jill recently posted..Sinful Sunday: Come Cuddle UpMy Profile

  13. Ooh, another daring few photos! I love how you take so many risks to get such cool pictures xx
    SubReiSkyeM recently posted..Sinful Sunday: Lazy MorningMy Profile

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