Sep 232012

On Sinful Sunday it’s all about the image.

Those images sometimes need words to explain them.

In September I visited a wellness resort with my friend. It is strictly forbidden to make any kind of photos there and all mobile phones should be left in the lockers. All over the place are cameras, to make sure that everyone keeps to the rules.

I have not bothered to check whether there were any cameras in the locker room (I don’t think there are) but just grabbed the phone, activated the camera, opened my bathrobe and made these images. There were other people around, but no one noticed what I was doing.

If I am not mistaken, this is notch #11 in my Scavenger Hunt series :)

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Marie Rebelle
Marie Rebelle is an erotic author and the driving force behind Rebel's Notes. She is creator of the weekly meme, Wicked Wednesday and coordinator of a Dutch writers group. She lives in the Netherlands with her Husband and kids and besides being very busy with her website and writing stories, she has a fulltime job.
Marie Rebelle
Marie Rebelle

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  26 Responses to “Sinful Sunday #63: Scavenger Hunt: Locker room”

  1. Mmm, I do love when you sneak shots of your luscious breasts! And how exciting doing it with others around!
    Yes, THAT Tonya recently posted..Sinful Sunday – In a pinchMy Profile

  2. Oh you sneaky delicious woman!
    Mina Lamieux recently posted..Monday Moanings – NatureMy Profile

  3. Very sexy . The Scavenger Hunt is so clever. Always love Ur images :)

    ~Newt Kai
    Newt Kai recently posted..Kinky TribeMy Profile

  4. Ooooo sneaky :)
    Clive recently posted..Shivering and ShrivelingMy Profile

  5. Beautiful shots, and the fact that you were so brazenly flouting the rules makes them even hotter!
    Jack and Jill recently posted..Sinful Sunday: PinchMy Profile

  6. Go you! that’s one notch I’ve yet to make :)

    ~Kazi xxx
    KaziGrrl recently posted..Sinful Sunday: Pomp and CircumstanceMy Profile

  7. Sounds like a fun place to go! I admire your dedication to satisfying our desire to see you on Sundays and taking the risk!
    Hubman recently posted..Sinful Sunday – Caught in the ActMy Profile

  8. I wish I had been in that locker room, you’d have had a partner in crime!!!

    Wonderful shots!!!

    ~Mia~ xx
    Mia recently posted..If you go into the woods…My Profile

  9. Awesome espionage skills! Love that second shot. :)
    Blacksilk recently posted..Miss MintMy Profile

  10. Both are lovely but I especially love the point of view, your beautiful breast, and the light shining in the corner in the second image!
    Penny recently posted..Four YearsMy Profile

  11. I love the bottom pic especially. I agree with Dee that the light really makes it, it accentuates the nipple deliciously.
    Emily recently posted..CurveMy Profile

  12. You rebel you! That’s totally fantastic :) The second shot, in particular, is wonderful – the light over your shoulder makes you shine!

    The SH site is updated.

    xx Dee
    Curvaceous Dee recently posted..Intriguing Reading #39My Profile

  13. Since doing the Scavenger Hunt I have decided that in the main people don’t seem to notice what it going on right underneath their noses and yay for that as it makes capturing the images that whole lot more easier… sometimes ;)

    Molly recently posted..The Gift That Keeps On GivingMy Profile

    • People indeed do not pay attention to what is going right under their noses, but I am still terribly nervous whenever I/we are making photos for Scavenger Hunt ;) xox

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