May 232012

During one of the trainings with the posture bar, Master T. approached with something in His hands. He ordered me to sit on the edge of the stool and spread my legs. Once He was done, He was extremely satisfied looking down at whatever it was that He did between my legs. I tried to look down, but since the collar on the posture bar was around my neck, I could not see anything.

I had been wearing the posture bar for quite some time by then. He brought me to another orgasm before He moved in behind me to undo my hands. He removed the collar from my neck.

“Stand up,” He said, moving in behind me. As I did, I felt something move between my legs.

“Bring yourself to orgasm,” He ordered.

I moved my hand to my clitoris and… could not reach it. Carefully I explored and I recognized the feeling of a padlock under my fingers. Following the lines of it I tried understand what I felt. Then I knew. Master T. had clicked a padlock onto my three piercings – the clitoral hood and the two inner labia piercings. I started to rub myself where I could reach, but even though it felt nice, it was not the spot I needed to touch.

In the meantime Master T. was dipping his fingers in my wetness, fingering me. I was almost grateful when He slipped a finger into my ass, as I was battling to reach an orgasm, even though my body was screaming for release. I tried, and tried, and tried some more, but no matter how hard I did, I could not reach a climax. This was unknown to me, as the quickest way for me to reach an orgasm is combined anal and clitoral stimulation. Not being able to reach my clitoris, stopped me from having an orgasm. Master T. chuckled when I told Him. Somehow He was enjoying that he had ‘locked away’ my orgasm.

“Lie down and continue,” He ordered and sat down in His recliner to watch me.

I thought it would be easier to climax when I lie down. I turned the padlock upwards, hoping to create more room for my fingers. It did not help. I spread my legs wider, hoping to feel more. It did not help. I tried everything I could, all the while moving my fingers over my sensitive flesh and only occasionally feeling a jolt when I accidentally touched part of my clitoris. When I tried to reach the same spot again, it seemed to be gone. I had to work really hard. My fingers were moving rapidly, harshly, searching for that one spot and sometimes finding it. My orgasm did not happen.

Master T. watched me for quite some time before He lay down on the bed next to me. He slipped His fingers inside me. Fingering me while I still frantically tried to rub my clitoris. Then, at last, I found my release!

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Marie Rebelle
Marie Rebelle is an erotic author and the driving force behind Rebel's Notes. She is creator of the weekly meme, Wicked Wednesday and coordinator of a Dutch writers group. She lives in the Netherlands with her Husband and kids and besides being very busy with her website and writing stories, she has a fulltime job.
Marie Rebelle
Marie Rebelle

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  10 Responses to “Working hard”

  1. How wickedly awesome.

  2. We’ve toyed with the idea of BDSM, but I can’t help but think Jill would kick my ass if I tried this on her.


  3. Oh wow what evil they enjoy….. :)


  4. oh no, my clit was aching just reading this! I’m glad you eventually found your release :)

  5. How frustrating! Guess that’s another tool for the torture arsenal, eh?

    ~Kazi xxx

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