We found a tree…

On Sinful Sunday it’s all about the image.
Today I give you some words to go with it.


Still exploring our surroundings, we entered a park about a kilometer from our house. We walked along a dirt road, finding evidence spots that are frequently used by the youth of the town, probably to ‘chill’.

A much used dirt road…

We have come across some couples while we were walking and we wondered whether they were there for some naughty fun too. Even though we could be clearly seen from the river and there was a young couple not far away from us, Master T. ordered me to stand against a tree. I saw the mobile phone in His hands and knew what to do.

Showing my charms…
… my breasts, my hard nipples…
Following His orders…
… I show some more.

Notch #2 in my Scavenger Hunt.

Β© Rebel’s Notes

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33 thoughts on “We found a tree…

  1. Wonderful and fun images. Also, I really love the outfit. IT is very much like something I would wear, especially the absurdly bright pink!

  2. KaziGrrl says:

    Done with style!! Lovely pics… Master T seems to be having some fun with this πŸ˜‰

    ~Kazi xxx

    • Oh, Master T. is indeed having quite some fun with these pics. And so am I, although every time He tells me to ‘expose myself’ I think my heart might stop! xx

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