Toy love

Another photo coming from the archives. I just love this toy… my double dong.

      Any lady out there who wants to share this with me?

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13 thoughts on “Toy love

  1. Double the pleasure
    And double your joy
    For two lusty ladies
    And a dong of a toy
    It’ll look very pretty
    When given a sheen
    From licking, lubing
    And our pussy cream
    It’ll last us forever
    Till we say “No more”
    Long after a man
    Has started to snore
    So slide your end in
    And I’ll do the same
    We’ll rock and ride
    Till can’t cum again
    Then three sated lovers
    On pleasure will float
    A friend and a dong
    And a Rebel of Note

  2. 110073436272853871900 says:

    I must book a holiday to a new destination!!! That toy looks like a lot of fun!!

    Mia xx

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